Janet Davis

Growth into digital media became a goal in 2000 when I saw an online marketing message combine text, animation and audio. I’d been a writer for 10 years, and was ready to expand my communication tool set.

To learn what I could, as quickly as I could, I returned to school to study multimedia and web design, read books on metrics and digital marketing case studies and talked with friends (and just about everyone I met) about what they liked best about the online experience.

My passion for marketing & communication creation is supported by:

  • Content strategy and project management experience — learned by working on projects in a variety of industries.
  • Technical skills — allowing for effortless movement and easy adaptability into new tools.
  • Creative skills — including concept and creation of print and digital projects.
  • Communication skills — combining design and content into cohesive projects.
  • Organization and interpersonal skills — achieved through the use of workflow and analytic tools, and a deep respect for the talent, experience and ideas of others.