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04 November

Finally, Best Social Media Metrics. Avinash Kaushik on Occam’s Razor offers SM measuring tools that allow us to compare monthly campaigns. Talk about being able to compare apples to apples!

Conversation Rate

What a great measurement for social media! This number tells us to what extent our topic/post resonates with our audience. Keeping topics on target with business goals, and using this equation, gives us a metric for added business value.

  • Conversation Rate = # of  Audience Comments (or Replies) per post.

Amplification Rate

Amplification is the rate at which our followers take our content and share it with their network. Be aware of what type of content is shared. Then do more of it. Over time the 2nd level network may become your 1st level network providing marketing, relationships and reach that money can’t buy!

  • On Twitter: Amplification = # of Retweets Per Tweet
  • On Facebook, Google Plus: Amplification = # of Shares Per Post
  • On Twitter: Amplification = # of Retweets Per Tweet
  • On a Blog, YouTube: Amplification = # of Share Clicks Per Post (or Video)

Applause Rate

  • On Twitter: Applause Rate = # of Favorite Clicks Per Post
  • On Facebook: Applause Rate = # of Likes Per Post
  • On Google Plus: Applause Rate = # of +1s Per Post
  • On a Blog, YouTube: Applause Rate = # of +1s and Likes Per Post (or video)

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