Audio editing mystery

11 July

I’ve faced my share of challenging audio-editing situations: removing a background phone ring from a voice over, softening the volume of a baby crying and increasing the tone of his mother’s voice. A co-worker refers to these tasks as removing eggs from a cake. Yesterday I came across a problem I couldn’t solve and was forced to resort to a less-than-perfect solution.

A two-minute video sounded great with computer speakers, but the balance was completely off when listening with headphones. This outcome was confirmed on several computers and with several sets of earphones.

The voice-over was recorded mono and the music was stereo. I tried changing the music to mono with no change in the playback outcome. In the end, I edited the piece so it mixes correctly with earphones; however when played back on computer speakers you hear the voice but no background music.

Any ideas on what happened?

~ Janet



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