On-Hold Messages

On-Hold MesssagesOk, so maybe not everyone who’s put on hold is smiling, but with a professionally produced on-hold message you have the opportunity to engage callers with information about your business.

All businesses, regardless of size, can have an on-hold marketing system. Installation is easy and the system takes advantage of the time your client/patient/associate is waiting on the phone. Chances are they will ask you about something they hear, such as that new product you’ve just introduced!


Following is a mix of some of the on-hold messages I have produced.


3 Steps to Getting Started

STEP 1: Complete the script worksheet.

Script Worksheet

STEP 2: Select a voice you feel your audience will relate with. Options range from young and energetic to grandfatherly.

Professional Voice Talent

STEP 3: Select royalty-free music, to play behind the narration, that reflects your business culture.

Royalty-Free Music