What happened to the parasol?

01 August

With temperatures in Texas consistently reaching three digits, the nightly news has focused on ways to stay cool. Suggestions include going to the mall and the pool, wearing non-clingy clothing and staying indoors. I’ve been wondering, what happened to the parasol?

Two hundred years ago, the parasol was used by many women. It was light, elegant and practical. With a collapsible handle it was compact enough to fit in a small purse. It offered a slight break from the heat and provided protection for the fair skin of it’s user.

Fashion trends come and go, and often come again. We’ve seen this with the width of pants and length of skirts. Why has the parasol not returned as a popular fashion trend? It’s practical, can add an element of style to any outfit and by carrying one, I for one just might show a bit more Southern charm on a sunny summer Texas day.

~ Janet

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